SGN Overview¶

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While state channel improves scalability, it puts more responsibility on the users, as the off-chain states need to be available against malicious on-chain disputes. State channel also introduces usability hassles because the channel off-chain states can only make progress when all participants are available online to sign new states. These security and usability issues can be categorized as the off-chain availability problem, which is the major challenge of state channel applications.

State guardian network (SGN) is an efficient and scalable sidechain that eliminates the state channel security risks and usability hassles caused by the off-chain availability problem. It provides highly reliable and decentralized services that are always online to continuously

  • Backup users latest off-chain states.
  • Watch on-chain dispute events and respond on behalf of offline users.
  • Receive payments on behalf of offline users.
  • Monitor and provide authentic proofs on app players’ off-chain actions.